Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, hey there!, basically....I don't know how to do this blog stuff...AT ALL. Nope! nada, zilch, zero!
I'm just crossing my fingers and closing my eyes (while typing, yes I'm that skilled) and hoping for the best! If anyone wants to offer some advice (uh, that is if anyone is actually reading this...*looks around*), that'd be sweet!

Alrighty, well, basically I'm going to post about projects I'm working on/completed so this may not be super consistent because *I'M* not super consistent with my projects.

My first project I'll post is about the story of an ugly little nightstand. It had low self esteem and no one wanted it. And THAT'S why I got it for only 7 bucks off good 'ole Craigslist! (CL)

Well, thanks to this WONDERFUL blog and their tutorial- All Things Thrifty - I saw great potential in this ugly little piece.
I definitely recommend checking out their blog, it's A-MAZING.

Step by step, I followed their tutorial and product suggestions.

First I primed this ugly duckling (I later realized I should have primed it with a dark gray primer since I was painting it red...WHOOPS! live and learn)

And then followed it up with a few coats of Krylon Banner Red spray paint.

And finally, (after MANY, MANY do overs/failed attempts) I finished it off with the glaze. The All Things Thrifty Blog recommends using the Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze

I went to Home Depot to pick up a container and found out they run about 15 dollars a can. Eeeks! That's a lot to me, especially since I'm trying to convince my husband that this is a CHEAP project :) But a can does last for multiple projects, so it really wasn't that much.
However, I decided not to buy it just then, for whatever reason.
Fast forward a few weeks and I went back to Home Depot, intending on picking up that can of RL glaze. I was walking past the discounted section by the paint counter and lo a behold, there was a can of the EXACT Ralph Lauren glaze I needed! I asked the paint man how much the can was and if there was anything wrong with it. He opened the can, showed it to me and what do you know, it was already tinted! (side note: the glaze comes clear and you have to tint it in order to use it for the projects that I'm doing) He still didn't tell me the price but he did tint it again for me, as it wasn't quite dark enough. And then after tinting it he told me he would sell it to me for $1.00!!! That's right, ONE DOLLAR!!! I couldn't believe it! I had to restrain myself from literally jumping up and down for joy! I couldn't believe I just saved $14.00 on this can of glaze! THANK YOU paint man!

Well, here's the finished product (btw, it took me way too many tries to figure out how to make the glaze work properly on this table. That's only because I skimmed the tutorial on the All T
hings Thrifty blog...uh, I don't recommend that!) I love the way the small details stand out. It's such a cutie table now!

And yes, the handle is missing. That's because I haven't found the perfect handle just day!

P.S. Here is the tutorial about glazing


  1. i love it!! i'm totally not crafty like this—you are a craft goddess!! I applaud you!! ps: i'm so glad you have a blog! let me know if you need any help :)

  2. love it!!! I'm not so crafty with stuff like that, only scrapbooking ;p but maybe I can learn from you :)

  3. You did a fab job! I love the glazing. Thanks for linking to a new blog that helps with things like this. I love to get inspired.

    (Followed your link from Thrifty Decor Chick.)

    -- Gabby (

  4. Very nice! I love the red; I have a similar table I am trying to decide what to do with it. Good luck with the blog. I will follow you, come and follow me too! I need followers too!
    ann at

  5. This looks great! You can really see all the details so much better now. Thanks for sharing!